Latvia has developed a package of measures to stabilize the economy details

Difficulties associated with the spread of a pandemic virus dangerous, destabilizing the economy of both the global and the local – the national level. The Latvian government has developed a package of measures to stabilize the situation, but the opposition did not remain on the sidelines, offering his solution.

 Note that the Latvian authorities based on the fact that the crisis will be short-lived. The document was developed by the Cabinet of Ministers on 17 March. The head of government said that instead of private companies pay the state hospital Latvians. However, this generosity will extend only to those who have been diagnosed as having COVID-19, or those who are sent to quarantine to address the doctor.

 In addition, Latvia will introduce tax incentives – “vacation” for private businesses and the transfer of payment of income tax for the population.

 Another solution, which caused a vivid public reaction was the statement that the government is ready to pay the salaries of Latvians at a rate of 75% instead of their immediate employers. In this case, the grant will not exceed € 700. The rules will be extended to those businesses that are affected by the epidemic.

 If the proposed measures are approved, their action will be considered with the introduction of a national emergency – March 12.

 Deadline for submission of annual reports for the companies will be postponed to July 31. The state can also use € 600 million from the European Union funds.

 The opposition decision

 Opposition parties are not willing to stand aside in a moment of crisis, and offered his own vision in the field of stabilization of the Latvian economy. It is known that the paper dwells on the consideration of the Diet, contains more than a dozen points, aimed at implementation of initiatives in health, agriculture and security.

 The opposition offered to suspend the work of all institutions, whose work is not related to the provision of essential services. Thus, it will be closed all the entertainment facilities, including gambling sites. On the situation in other European countries – in the material.

 Recall that on the conditions of the quarantine in the Czech Republic can be found in our separate article.

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