Benjamin Grossman the Expert in Risk Management

Benjamin Grossman the Expert in Risk Management

Benjamin Grossman

Benjamin Groosman is the genius co-founder and CEO of Pinpoint Intelligence. Company that under his leadership has protected thousands of customers from fraudulent transactions over the past few years. This has led to Pinpoint growing by 150% and positioning itself within the industry quickly.

Ben is an expert eCommerce marketer and active member of the Electronic Transactions Association where he sits on the Political Action Committee and is the Co-Chair of the Big Data Sub-Committee as well as the Risk and Fraud Council. Ben is also a member of the Merchant Acquirers Committee. He has also played important roles in several startups of auction websites (, as Operations Manager of one of the world’s largest online auction websites. Ben was responsible for risk management, affiliate fraud prevention, chargeback management and merchant processing

Ben Grossman at the Panama GB Summit

Benjamin Grossman has been part of the select group of speakers at the Panama GB Summit. In 2017 he participated with the theme “Know Your Processor, How Merchant Accounts Strive, Thrive, and Stay Alive” and in 2018 with the theme “I’m Smart Enough, I’m Good Enough, and Gosh-Darn It, Regulators Like Me – Positive Affirmations for 2018” with Rachel Hirsch.

Company: Pinpoint Intelligence
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