The Hero of the Crypto Markets, Chase Hero

The Hero of the Crypto Markets, Chase Hero

Chase hero

Chase Hero is an expert in crypto market, crypto exchange and cryptocurrency issues. Between 2010 and 2014 he founded two companies, one of advertising and technology that generated 9 figures, which later led him to found Pacer Capital a company focused on crypto currencies, with Pacer Capital and its commercial skills that was developed in the financial markets Chase positioned himself in the world of crypto markets.


Cryptowatch, The Watchers Facebook Group

In 2015, he founded the group on Facebook “The Watchers Facebook group”, which since its creation has sought to educate the masses about cryptocoin exchange and cryptographic issues. This group grew so fast that it became one of the most important places to get free and quality information on crypto markets and cryptocurrencies.

The Watcher Crypto Brief


Chase Hero crypto later along with a team of experts in cryptocurrency topics including Randall Crowder, Ty Cody, Zak Folkman, Dan Fleyshman, Alex Golubitsky, foundedThe Watchers Crypto Brief”  an exclusive crypto report group where its users get exclusive, direct information, updated and with the frequency required by the markets, in addition to a complete monthly Watcher Crypto Brief exclusive for its members where you can have updated information of what coins to buy (HODL / SELL), why buy them? and when to sell them, VIP access to private industry events with masterminds and some monthly challenges rewarded to make the learning process much more fun.

Chase Hero Panama Gb Summit 2019

Chase Hero  will be present at Panama Gb summit 2019 as a featured speaker focusing on his vision and passion to help others succeed in the crypto market. You can not miss this expert in the PGBS2019 this 7 to 9 February, 2019, in the beautiful and exotic city of Panama at the Panama Gb Summit 2019 the most important Advertiser and affiliate summit in Latin America.
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Company: The Watchers Crypto Brief
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