Julian Reyes the copywriter genius!

Julian Reyes the copywriter genius!

Julian Foxx

Who’s Julian Reyes?

Julian Reyes is an expert copywriter Genius and founder of Julian Foxx LLC.
In 2016 he started a seduction company called The Super Natural, Julian Fox Dating Academy based on a proven method to help those men in search of the woman of their dreams, “the ideal person” or simply men with the desire to attract more women into their lives. The Julian Foxx Dating Academy helps guys break down the barrier of the friend zone and to become the one that the ladies desire.

Julian Reyes was greatly influenced by figures such as Vin Dicarlo and Ryan Kowalski who served as the engine to enter the world of Copywriting and VSL marketing. Julian Co-wrote multiple interactions for Pandora´s Box, surpassing the best copywriters in the world in head to head split test. Its Sales Copys have generated over 100 million dollars.

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In the year 2016  launched the first game seduction offer its called Straight bait, it teaches gay men how to flip straight guys, that is now the best selling game info product of all time.

Jullian foxx is 39 years old and his experience has led him to become a VSL content expert and a copywriter genius.

Julian Fox en el Panama GB Summit

Julian participated as speaker last February in the PGBS2018 at the Hotel Hard rock panama, and for more than 20 minutes he taught “A simple method to help anyone ascertain the TRUE quality of any sales pitch, how to recognize hidden conversion killers, and how to feedback to your writer so he/she can continue improving the piece”.

In 2019, Julian will be back at PGBS2019, which you can’t miss as it promises many surprises and the best networking in the industry.

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