Kinkar Saha CEO and founder of CodeClouds

Kinkar Saha CEO and founder of CodeClouds

kinkar saha

Kinkar Saha is an extremely talented professional CEO and founder of CodeClouds IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Kinkar founded Codecloud in 2009 after his previous success as an expert in technological innovation, engineering and business consulting.

Kinkar is a world-renowned expert for IT solutions, technological innovation and business consulting. Manages the global aspects of CodeClouds business operations, maintaining the commitment to offer exceptional performance for all its clients and generate a rewarding work environment for all CodeCloud employees.

Kinkar oversees the creation of strategies, brand management, personnel management, technological innovation, global client management and the learning and growth path for CodeClouds.

More about Code Cloud

CodeClouds is a website development company based in Calcutta India, which offers a range of services oriented to the field of web development, site design, search engine optimization (SEO), content management solutions and much more.

CodeClouds begins in 2009 with a team of 4 employees, and to date its growth has been exponential, with more than 200 employees and hundreds of completed projects. In 2012, the company partners with LongTail Technologies to establish a project base in E.E.U.U which served as a catapult for its growth and opening of a new subsidiary in New Zealand. In recent years, CodeClouds has expanded its commercial services from central web design and development to integrated web solutions. 

Kinkar Saha at the Panama GB Summit

Kinkar along with Chris Pink, Nick Paladino and Ryan Fritzsche were exhibitors at the Panama GB Summit 2018, on the topic “Traffic Growth, Data Driven Decisions & A / B Testing” that was held at the Hard Rock Hotel in Panama City last month. February. But the most important thing is that by 2019, Kinkar will also be present at the PGBS 2019, exposing relevant topics for the industry and all his experience of years

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