Matthew Martorano CEO & Founder Konnektive CRM

Matthew Martorano CEO & Founder Konnektive CRM

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About Matthew Martorano

Matthew Martorano is the mastermind and the CEO / Founder of Konnektive CRM. He is an innate entrepreneur who has been doing business since the age of 17, participating in several previous businesses before starting Konnektive.

His entrepreneurial impulse was his father who gave him all the guidance he needed to boost their ideas and ventures.

The story behind konnektive CRM

Matthew Martorano started his own company selling products where he and his people made the sale and customer service, which led him to start his own Call Center. After selling that company, Matthew began to affiliate with third parties to sell their products.

Based on their product sales experience, the idea of ​​finding an ideal way to manage their own products arises since they had also started to work networking as affiliate marketers. But the problem was that there was no functional tool that will solve their needs and this was what forced him to “build” one.

Here is born in 2010 what we know today as Konnektive CRM system, a SaaS that has become an indispensable CRM tool for hundreds of people around the world.

Konnektive Customer Relationship Management has been a tool that since its inception has been working tirelessly to improve the system as such and adjust it to the needs of the affiliate marketing industry, since the goal has always been to provide a reliable service for each client, This is why they have a talented team of professionals behind this SaaS.

Konnektive CRM the Panama GB Summit

As part of our group of exclusive diamond sponsors, Konnektive CRM has participated in our first 2 editions (2017/2018) of the Panama GB Summit, as Red Diamond Sponsor. Offering its tool to the entire industry that takes place in the most important Advertiser and affiliate summit in Latin America PGBS.

Matthew Martorano at the Panama GB Summit

Panama Gb Summit has counted on the presence of Matthew Martorano as speaker since our first edition in 2017.
In PGBS2017, Matthew martorano participated in the panel “The Pillars for a Successful Online Model Panel” which you can see in the following exclusive video.

The Pillars for a Successful Online Model Panel“

And likewise in the PGBS2018, Matthew Martorano participated with the theme “The Key Foundations for a Successful Continuity Model” with Erez Shalev, JW Epply, Rick Nelson.

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