Rick Nelson, The Fulfillment Lab Owner, a pioneer by nature!

Rick Nelson, The Fulfillment Lab Owner, a pioneer by nature!

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Who’s Rick Nelson?

Rick Nelson is the Founder and Owner  of The Fulfillment Lab. Company founded in 2012 located in Tampa, Florida that provides complete management services in the shipping of products quickly, efficiently and accurately to meet all the ecommerce fulfillment needs of its customers.

Rick Nelson, based on his experience in business planning, internal logistics and compliance, is responsible for the company’s vision, customer acquisition, and above all for the company’s research, development and expansion. Prior to founding The Fulfillment Lab, Rick worked as Sales and Operations Manager at Florida Central Binder where he helped quadruple annual revenue from $220,000 to $980,000 and reduce inventory levels by 45%. Then for 4 years he worked as Operations Director of Almost Home After School Center, a business he founded with his wife Natalie seeing the community’s need for better child care programs and summer camps programs.

All these experiences served to then knock on the doors of the challenges of the logistics industry and begin to give life to what is now The Fulfillment Lab.

Rick’s experiences and observations of the logistics and fulfillment industry led him to the need to create an infrastructure that would have faster communication and better inventory management. After evaluating the vast majority of systems used by several of his competitors, he realized that The Fulfillment Lab needed to create its own software and an infrastructure that was flexible in order to grow and offer a better product to its customers.

The Fulfillment Lab

The fulfillment Lab, with an estimated 100 – 250 employees and an estimated annual revenue of over $1-10M, offers a variety of services ranging from design and printing. Custom packaging, warehousing/shipping, and real-time inventory and much more.

The Fulfillment LabIn 2016, The Fulfillment Lab appears on the chart of the 5000 fastest growing companies in the U.S. according to the Inc list of the 35th edition of Inc magazine, along with large companies such as Pandora, Zappos, Yelp, Zillow, GoPro, LinkedIn, Dell and Under Armour.

It also ranked #7 in the highly competitive category Top Logistics & Transportation Companies.


Rick Nelson at the Panama GB Summit:

Rick Nelson has been speaker at the Panama Gb Summit 2017 and 2018, his participation in the summit has been very outstanding and important, in 2018 Rick along with: Erez Shalev, Matthew Martorano, JW Epply, presented the panel “The Key Foundations for a Successful Continuity Model” and this 2019, Rick Nelson will be participating again in the PGBS2019 together with The Fulfillment Lab as RED DIAMOND SPONSOR.

You can’t miss this opportunity to listen, and learn from major industry figures together on one roof, PANAMA GB Summit 2019.


Company: The Fulfillment Lab
Website: http://thefulfillmentlab.com
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ricknelson2
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