Tim Burd: The mentor of Facebook ads

Tim Burd: The mentor of Facebook ads

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We almost always want to have enough advertising skills to be successful in the strategies we implement for our Facebook ads, at least to be sure that we have an adequate bid strategy, is not it? Even though this process is often conditioned of uncertainties and questions. However, you probably did not know that there are people like “Tim Burd” and his team, who will be there to guide you, donating your time to answer even the simplest questions you have.

Tim Burd, today has gained a large following thanks to his commitment to help new mentors, those who are taking the reins in this area, and even the most experienced Facebook, including the dynamic news network and Information from around the world “Bloomberg” has tagged it as: “Digital Bounty Hunger”. He has also appeared in different media such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Bravo and Fox News. Undoubtedly, this character has become a Facebook advertising expert and co-founder of Agency Y.

Now, what does Agency Y specialize in?

The Agency Y And, fortunately, operates today the largest media buying agency , Facebook ad buying group in the world. Tim, as co-founder of the agency, seeks to help companies of all sizes connect with their customers through digital advertising, in order to achieve it in the most efficient way possible. In addition to that, it offers companies an advanced training in Facebook ads completely free of charge. It’s amazing, like the internet today, it’s full of material that even the market does not fully exploit.

The Agency Y also applies patented automation technology, with the aim of making online advertising more efficient for everyone, together with the team of talented marketing experts. Also, according to Tim’s experience, he started with only $ 30k, and managed to build and sell online businesses that generated $ 5-10 million per year, 12 months after its creation. In this way, after 13 years of Internet advertising without rest, today is dedicated to helping other companies to take advantage of the potential of the web to focus on Facebook ads.

Now, in terms of the services you can acquire, you will find everything related to Facebook advertising, from landing pages to ad creatives, as well as native ads, conversion rate optimization, and much more. To get more information, here I share the link to your website: http://www.agencyy.com

The power of fb ads

It is no secret to anyone that Facebook has become the most dominant platform of “the whole world”. since not only did it get 2,167 million users on Facebook, but it has managed to position among social networks with more users in the world, thanks to the statistics of the report Digital In 2018, prepared by We Are Social in collaboration with Hootsuite that provides statistics , analysis and digital trends globally

Facebook Ads Mastermind online,It is an event that has been held in multiple countries (USA, Barcelona, NYC, Hong Kong, London), a program that has provided best practices and advanced strategies, especially dedicated for those who are already generating money with Facebook group ads , so that they can achieve double their ROI.

Here is a summary of the topics that have been carried out:

  • Business Manager vs Personal Ad Account
  • Getting a Facebook Rep
  • Ad Policy
  • Media planning
  • Server Optimization
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Funnel Optimization
  • Affiliate Offers Best Practices
  • Analytics (Outside of FB)
  • Audiences/Demographic Research (Outside of FB)
  • Competitor Analysis/Spy Tools
  • Audience/Demographic Research on FB
  • Facebook Campaign Objectives and When to Use
  • Ads (Who, What, Where, When, How, Why)
  • Psychology of an Ad and the Funnel
  • Facebook Reporting
  • Custom Audience
  • Lookalikes and how to reverse engineer them
  • Hacking the Facebook Algorithm
  • How to Start your own Lead Gen Offer
  • How to Start your own ECommerce Store
  • FULL Campaign Setup from Start to Finish

The presence of Tim Burd in PGBS

The master of the facebook ads has also been presented at PGBS, one of the conferences that is causing great relevance for Latin America, because they are carrying out the most advanced knowledge that is handled within the digital industry, where eMarketer all parts of the world. I can tell you that in his presence PGBS 2018 participated in an open speaking panel, although this does not stop there, besides that, he has been motivated to join and join the speakers who will be attending for the PGBS 2019, sharing the following topics: Master Web Page Optimization and Tips for facebook marketers, on February 7 and 8, 2019.

There is no doubt! Today, Tim Burd followers continue to add more, thanks to their commitment to help new mentors, those who are taking the reins in this area, and even the most experienced of Facebook.

Company: Agency Y
Website: http://timburdmastermind.com
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