Artemy Panarin - master of humor and dialogue with journalists - once again showed his class

Artemy Panarin charms the fans around the world not only for its bright play in the NHL, but also a great sense of humor and dialogue with journalists. This time after winning the game, “New York Rangers” shared his thoughts on the Russian countrymen, my old exchange in “Chicago” and the group “Leningrad”.


 1. Panarin is very serious 1.1. Artemy Panarin of fear to meet Russian

 Panarin is very serious

 Artemy only 28 years old, the age at which players are just beginning to enter the peak of their form. This proves the athlete himself, spending a great debut season for the “New York Rangers”. In the last game against his former club “Chicago Blackhawks” he re-scored by goals scored, and his current team won with a score of 6: 3.

 Top shelf where momma hides the … bread?

 – New York Rangers (@NYRangers) February 20, 2020

 Artemia is no stranger to former club score. This season, he cranked out a similar trick, and with respect to the “Columbus Blue Jackets”, more on this in a special material.

 After the game, the Russians responded to journalists’ questions, once again showed his great sense of humor and are recognized in some painful moments of the past. So, “Hlebushek” remembered the last “Chicago” traded imp source him in the “Columbus”. According to the sportsman, it was a real surprise to him that it was difficult to accept. He loves the city (so far), and he misses Patrick Kane (attacker “Indians”, which appeared in a bundle).

 Artemije also admitted that, when he became a free agent, none of the “Chicago” did not try to contact him, and now he is happy to play for the “Rangers”. After spending a bit serious, the Russians returned to their traditional style with a sense of humor.

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 7 Fev 2020 at 8:01 PST

 For example, a reporter’s question about whether the hockey player knows that the group “Leningrad” will be the first Russian-language music group at the famous festival in California, “Hlebushek” replied that he was a hockey player and not a musician, and that in his time the bear came to ear, and finished his thought that he was a dancer. Apparently, it was a reference to the famous gesture of celebration Panarin, who became an Internet meme and quickly gained popularity. Read more about it we wrote in a separate article.

 Artemy Panarin of fear to meet Russian

 Not without jokes about Russians’ mentality. Speaking about the difference of Chicago and New York, Artemije said that “the big apple” more than lives of his countrymen, but he did not get to know them. In this case, the attacker has joked that it was for the best, because now there is a season, and there is no “time veseluhi”, and can be dangerous to the Russian.

 Panarin also initially denied that he has a flat in the center of the city and outside the city, and then turned it into a joke. When asked why he does not go to the Russian in the bath, then Artemije said that he had to save because of the two houses.

 In the race scorers Artemy ranked fifth with 79 points on the system goal + pass. This is the best result in this season among Russians. Next located Nikita Kycherov from 73 points on the ninth place. In the race snipers Panarin is ninth with 30 goals, behind Alexander Ovechkin, who is now third in the standings 10 goals. However, in contrast to the team’s “Ovi” the results of the club “bread” is worse.

 His “New York Rangers” now occupies the 11th place in the conference, and the main task for the club now – to get into the playoffs of the Stanley Cup.

 Earlier we wrote that Panarin explained his photo with Putin.

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