4 curiosities about the culture of the Banking Sector and E-commerce

1-The era of E-commerce will be the banking sector engine  
According to Capgemini’s World Payments Report, it reports that China rose to third place with 38.1 billion transactions. China’s growth of 63.2% has been the result of greater adoption of digital payments initiatives.

Banking sector

2- Increase from 19% to 27% the percentage of consumers who already buy online
The Total Retail 2017 report, prepared by PwC based on interviews with 24,471 consumers around the world, increases the percentage of consumers who buy online at least once a week from 19% to 27%; and from 48% to 58%, those who do it, at least, once a month.

consumers already buy online

3- The new consumer has new demands when making payment transactions
This was announced in the Evolution and Outlook Report of the 2017 e-commerce, where they claim that 85% of respondents indicate that they are the credit cards, the payment method they have used the most in online sales.

making payments transactions

 4- Online banking is mobilized
In recent years, the market studies carried out by Datanalisis-Tendencias Digitales in the region show how transactional uses such as online banking and electronic commerce are increasingly increasing. In the top ten of internet uses in Latin America, online banking ranks ninth.

online banking


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