The challenge of digital banking summit

One possibility that is transforming traditional digital banking

digital banking summit
Year after year, new technological trends increasingly are aimed at the north of its evolution where they are no longer people seeking to adapt to the technology which should suit us. In this scene that we face today, driven by this technological impact, somehow the banks, service providers and technology leaders faced with great challenges. A context, where the digital banking summits are taking the reins and playing a globally role.

For this reason, has emerged the need to create a source of exchanges, knowledge, ideas and solutions that make up with this new paradigm, an encounter that since then, offers the possibility to unite and adapt the current system that are taking place. We ask ourselves ¿ what will be the following advances? We are aligning the world so that it fits our needs, and the best way to achieve it is by making this kind of Conference.

In this sense, this kind of events have focused mainly on lectures and presentations aimed at establishing a platform of knowledge from experts in the digital sector groups, in addition to dialogue about specialized issues to modernize the current banking system. At this point, it is perceived that the purpose is to improve its competitiveness towards other regional and global financial centers, with the help of recognizes international experts and exhibitors of diverse areas.

Digital Banking, Innovation and transformation: whom are they involving?

From this perspective, the digitization pioneers have also been on the need to get involved, offering plenty of opportunities to establish new business models, and therefore generate significant income streams that are moving the world economy. But what kind of relationship links directly the digital industry with the banking sector?

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Their relationship increases more and more, practically all of the products or services offered by banks depends today on technologies. This contribution results in order to achieve a positive purpose that will guarantee that the services and companies are operating in an efficient way.

The debate? The modernization

In short, the change of mentality of the user and the technology are revolutionizing your relationship with the services and products offered by banks, so that is has become essential to innovate, adopt new ways to compete in the current environment.

In this manner a survey by EY Global Banking Outlook 2018 indicates that 85% of the banks begin to agree on implementing a program of digital transformation as a priority business for this year, where is evidenced of the interest of digital maturity by banking institutions. Personally, I get the impression that this rapid evolution of the new technology, means that many banks will fight to stay in an innovative stage.

In addition, banks are needed to do much more, to embrace this change in an ecosystem that cooperate with other entities. In this way, the strategy implemented by the banking summits is made with a focus point, pointed to the speed of technological change

Advantages, that you will achieve while being present at these digital summit

The benefits that it has been verified by the companies that attend this digital banking conference, has been encompassing both in the economic aspect, of service and security, as for bank customers. Likewise, reflect significant advantages, among which are:

  • Security
  • Increasingly less physical money
  • Constant innovation
  • The use of Blockchain services

How can you benefit from a digital conference?

  • Networking business with companies that provide useful tools for the provision of the most efficient financial services and higher quality.
  • Learn about the latest trends in issues related to digital banking, innovation, technology and safety on the part of leading experts and connoisseurs of these themes.
  • Establish connections with colleagues from different countries in the region to learn about experiences and best practices in related topics.
  • Meet and make relations with the new financial agents that are entering the financial services market, using technological tools and which are known as Fintech.

The new age is coming: and now what do we do?

To whom is this banking conference addressed?

The annual event that brings together professionals in the new ecosystem. This type of meetings have the purpose to unite in one stage the leaders of the main companies of the financial sector, entrepreneurs, experts in ecommerce, and executives.

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