Gary Cardone

gary cardonePanama Global banking summit 2017 counted in its first edition with the presence of the speaker and CEO of ChargeBack911, Gary Cardone who presented the theme “The Trillion Dollar Opportunity, What About The Future of eCommerce”.

Who is Gary Cardone

Gary Cardone is an e-commerce entrepreneur. With over 25 years of experience that has helped him build a Fortune 50 company and a unique vision of the future of ecommerce globally.

Born in Lake Charles, Louisiana. In 1987 he started in a company within the natural gas industry (Natural Gas Clearinghouse) that later became one of the largest energy companies in the world, becoming one of the youngest CEOs of a Fortune 50 company.

After 25 years in the energy sector, he retires and begins to observe the relationship between the internet and the commoditization of an industry and this is where the opportunity to create what today are Chargebacks 911, Global Risk Technology and eConsumerServices comes from.

In 2018 he presents himself as an speaker at the 10XGrowth conference in Las Vegas, a conference that brings together thousands of people for 3 consecutive days to learn from the best entrepreneurs and experts in the world such as Kevin Harrington, Tom Cummins, Jack Jackintelle, Bobby Castro, Brad Lea, Victor Antonio, Andy Frisella, Daymond John among others.

What is ChargeBack911?

It is a company that offers scalable and business solutions for compliance against charges, mitigation of risks and dispute management helping hundreds of companies to reduce the negative impacts of chargebacks and disputes that are generated by helping to retain customers and income.
Today Chargeback911 has positioned itself as one of the main providers of comprehensive risk mitigation and conflict resolution services and the company has been named with the best chargeback management program, best industrial solution and best B2B software among others.

Then, we leave you with the LIVE of Gary Cardone’s conference at the Panama global banking summit 2017, which you can not miss.

The Trillion Dollar Opportunity, What About The Future of eCommerce

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