Michael Brooks, the mastermind behind ResponseCRM and GoLance

Michael Brooks, the mastermind behind ResponseCRM and GoLance

Michael Brooks

Michael Brooks is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and founder of ResponseCRM and GoLance, with over 17 years of experience in e-commerce and digital marketing. Over the past 15 years Michael has focused on helping multiple businesses succeed by developing electronic payment platforms and creating successful digital marketing models.

Michael, born in Long Beach, California, began his career selling candy in the first grade, then working in the media to pay for college. At the age of 22 he began to build an event marketing company, where without anyone’s help or advice he put everything he had into building this business. Young and inexperienced, he lost all his money and went into debt, ended up living in a car for 6 months until he could earn enough money and get back on his feet. In his spare time he learned how to promote sales and marketing services and this helped him get out of debt.

It wasn’t long before he saw an opportunity in the dot.com industry when he saw the possibility of helping others find strategic solutions for businesses using e-commerce. By 2002 he started growing a business development company of only 2 people to a direct marketing e-commerce business of over $2,000,000 in sales in 2.5 years.

Shortly thereafter, he became Founder and President of an electronic payments company, increasing its revenue to $250,000 per month, becoming a registered ISO/MSP company of Columbus Bank & Trust and expanding its sales team to more than 300 agents.

After that Michael developed and brought an e-commerce platform to PCI level 1 compliance matching the level of PayPal and became the president of Transaction Corporation, which he founded in 2010 focused on the development of e-commerce, marketing software, media buying, workforce marketplaces and electronic payment systems. This is where GoLance was born.

GoLance: The freelance work platform

GoLance was born in 2015 as a freelance, flexible and innovative work platform where there is no difference between an employer and an employee. GoLance is A global online platform where companies and contractors connect.

GoLance was created with the desire to merge the needs of the virtual workforce with a complete human resources platform.

“We want our users to be able to work and contract in an efficient, effective and enjoyable way, but most importantly we want them to work with us to support their personal and professional goals”

Response CRM

ResponseCRM its a Next Generation Direct Response CRM Software and Marketing Automation Platform for Direct Response Marketers, Direct Response Advertisers, and Affiliates. ResponseCRM has a business model with open source pricing from scratch, which seeks to help all its users increase their revenue.

  • Customized ecommerce
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Subscription Billing
  • Effective Customer management
  • Advanced Sales technology


Michael Brooks the Author:

As a believer that Digital Money can solve major consumer, banking and economic problems Michael has launched 2 books that delve into the idea of digital money instead of paper money.

His first book, “Beyond Plastic: Trends in the Payment Card Industry”, launched on January 22, 2010, and his second book, “Cash Disruption”, launched on September 26, 2015, address the issue of digital money in the midst of a changing electronic payment industry.

Michael Brooks at the Panama GB Summit:

Michael Brooks has been speaker at the Panama Gb Summit 2017 and 2018, his participation in the summit has been very outstanding and important, in 2018 Mike along with: Chris Pink, Jose Vasquez, Brian Hamilton, presented the panel “Revenue, Cashflow, Balance Sheets & Profits. Keeping your Vendors Happy” and this 2019, Michael Brook will be again participating in PGBS2019 with ResponseCRM as RED DIAMOND SPONSOR.

You can’t miss this opportunity to listen, and learn from major industry figures together on one roof, PANAMA GB Summit 2019.

Company: Response CRM / Golance
Website: http://www.responsecrm.com / golance.com
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelabrooks
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