summit 2017

PGBS 2017 Speaking Engagements

Ash Nayerhabibi – Product Development & Compliance
Rick del Rio – Operations Structure for Online Processing (Panel)
Diego Ponce – Third Party Bank Relationship, Fintechs and Agregators
Gary Cardone – The Trillion Dollar Opportunity, What About The Future of eCommerce
Jacob Bennett – The Future of Online
Kevin Greenhalgh – Customer Service, The Voice of our Campaign
Matthew Martorano – the Pillars for a Succesful Online Model (Panel)
Walter Long – Metrics and
Data Analysis
Oscar Flores – Latin American Processing
Richard Cahan – Asset Protection for the High Risk Internet Entrepreneurs whit Possible Tax Minimization
Theodore Monroe & William Rothbard – Merchant Advertising and Credit Card Laundering Risk Under Trumps FTC
Ben Grossman – Know Your Processor, How Merchant Accounts Strive, Thrive, and Stay Alive (Panel)
Ryan Fritzsche – Past, Present and Future For Merchant Processing Systems
Conal Cunningham – Strategies and Tactics for Approval Ratios

PGBS 2017 Gallery

Aventus Black Party
Catamaran Party
Banistmo/Nequi Launch Cocktail Party
Panaviera Floor 66th – Sponsors VIP Party
360 RoofTop
Adexchange Group Cocktail Party
LimeLight CRM – CRM and Advertisers Meetup
Rochdale Offshore Investment Advertisers Meetup
Siroco After Party
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