Depositing your money in a panama bank?

Usually, people who have a panama bank account , are often comfortable with the privacy laws that are set within the territory. For those who wish to have a bank account for individual use or commercial bank panama account, will allow you to get many advantages, in a very stable economy and business climate is completely pro, which implies that the money deposited in the Banks of Panama are mostly used for commercial purposes.

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For this reason, the growth of Panama in some way has allowed to obtain economic and political stability so that many foreigners are looking to invest or live there and one of the first things for them to do is to open a bank account as offered by the Panama banking system. In addition, it is nice to open a bank account in Panama, it is that there is no restriction in the handling of money. Believe me, it will be much easier to move and transfer your money around. Your financial dealing will be greatly simplified.

Is panama safe?

Panama has a Superintendency of Banks of Panama (SBP) that uses its legal powers to impose the responsibility of caring for the interests of bank account owners, depositors and to ensure the trust and security of the System, keeping vigilant for the proper functioning of the system. banking center of Panama.

How to open a bank account in panama?

How to open a bank account in panama

And what requirements are needed basically? Usually, almost all banks of the panama banks list ask for certain specific requirements that will have to bear in mind, when you open a saving account which would be:

  • Passport
  • Second document (citizenship ID)
  • Two bank references of the country of origin, opened at least 6 months before
  • Bank statement
  • Income statement
  • Personal and business references
  • The minimum  dollar amount required to open an account is  between 3.000 to 10.000 USD. Apostilled documents are required   in some cases.

Almost all banks require the physical presence of the person who wishes to open an account. This procedure is not permitted to be carried out online. Therefore, the interested party must travel to Panama. Nevertheless as an exception, some banks offer the possibility of opening an account through one of their foreign bank offices, as is explained ahead.

How long does it take to open an bank account in Panama?

The time required to open a bank account depends on the bank, and it can take from one (1) day to 30 days. The time will depend on the fact that the client has all the necessary documents requesting the Panama banking regulator.

Panama Offshore Bank accounts

If you feel encouraged now to open a personal bank account or if you are looking to form a partnership and open a Corporate bank account in Panama, I assure you service Offshore Bank accounts might help you. This way all the bank accounts settled down in Panama can operate through their banks correspondents or brokerage firms established in Panama.

Panama city banks among the 24 best banks in latin america

Today, according to the web site of the “American Edition Economy” in one of his articles was found that in Panama you find 24 of 250 of the most outstanding banks of latin America. A sign of the financial leadership and the Panama banks safety

So don’t forget, if you want to have a bank account in Panama, both for individual or commercial use, you will obtain considerable advantages.

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